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We love this engagement session for so many reasons! To start, this couple is completely themselves in front of the camera and not only does the love jump right off the screen and into our hearts, but it’s clear they had so much fun during their session with Chrissy Gilmartin Photography. And then there’s their adorable pup, a motorcycle, and a location where their love story began! Continue reading about Karen and Cory’s story below!

From Chrissy Gilmartin Photography…I can’t even tell you how beautiful these two humans are together!! Cory and Karen were celebrating their three year anniversary and chose to spend it with me in downtown Fullerton where it all began for their engagement session! They have the most ADORABLE love story that all started in a bar downtown, so we knew this would be the perfect place to start!


Cory and I love beer. We spend a lot of time going to breweries together and even named our pup Brewski! We even having a beer unity at our wedding. We also love to travel and have been to 7 different countries since we have been together. Something that we have done since our first date is spend time together on Sundays. We had this unspoken agreement that Sunday’s were reserved for each other. So much so that even before we made plans to go out I would already be telling people I was busy on Sunday knowing that on Friday he would ask me to go out on Sunday.


Cory had planned a date for us at Mozambique Roof Top Bar and Restaurant to celebrate 3 years from our first date. As we got to the restaurant and got seated Cory gets up and tells me he has to use the restroom but asks me to order us some drinks. He comes back a few minutes later with two shots of tequila and limes. I mean at this point tequila is tradition! He was sitting across from me and to be honest I thought he fell off his chair. He didn’t, he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his mouth and says something like “I dropped the lime but this will have to do, Will you marry me?” Well I’m sure by now you know what I said, “YES!” After the meal a few drinks and some bad dancing. He surprised me with a beautiful hotel room viewing the ocean and had our friends decorate with roses everywhere (thank you Tawny and Casey!) He also got in contact with my boss so I had the following day off. Yes, I am one lucky gal!


Engagement Session Location: Bootleggers Brewery / Photographer: Chrissy Gilmartin Photography

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