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How about a dreamy lakeside engagement to take us through the rest of the week? This e-session brought to us by Adam and Priscilla is filled with so many magical details: A lakefront mountain setting, a dazzling diamond, casual style, and one of the prettiest sunset we ever saw. Read this duo’s story as you scroll through this engagement gallery below.

From Adam and Priscilla…Several years ago Ashlie and Ricky reconnected after being acquaintances through high school, now they have been inseparable ever since that day they joined their mutual friends splashing around at the lake. So needless to say they were super excited about our suggestion of having a playful engagement session down by a lake surrounded by giant saguaros. It is perfect desert retreat. We also love water, the fun and variety it adds to taking photos and always a welcomed breeze. As we tell all of our couples: treat this as a date. It’s not everyday that the two of you get to have some fun without kids, work or an agenda. They took our advice showed up with big smiles and a couple White Claw’s in tow. They even went out to a romantic dinner afterwards, good for you guys!


It turned out to be a romantic end of summer day for their playful engagement session. The monsoon to the north brought a welcome breeze to cool us down while we dipped our feet in the water and splashed around a bit. The sun fell below the horizon and the water reflected it with a rose gold hue.


As we walked along the water’s edge we asked them about how he popped the question. We knew that it would be genuinely true to them, and that’s Ashlie’s favorite part of this proposal story. In the busyness of life they always made time for the two of them every week by making a nice dinner together (So Sweet! and also a good idea). On this night, it was a steak and potatoes kind of affair. As Ashlie was helping to prepare dinner in the kitchen, nine months pregnant with their first bouncing baby boy, Ricky smacked Ashlie on the butt and as she turned around he was on one knee. It was truly was a playful and a very Ricky thing to do! It’s obvious that Ashlie and Ricky are best friends, Together they enjoy making each other laugh and being goofy. Playing around is something we could all do more of. They are the kind of people you can hang out with all day and never have a dull moment. We are so excited about your upcoming wedding this November! We love your free spirits and thank you for being so much fun, you two brighten our day.


Engagement Session Location: Saguaro Lake / Photographer: Adam and Priscilla

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