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A fresh white blanket of snow, an intimate setting, simple statement-making details, and a whole lot of love makes this winter engagement too cute for words. And the best part? Well, the couple takes a break from the cold to warm up inside their lovely home to cozy up with each other and hot cocoa, of course. Meaghan is sharing her and Brian’s love story with imagery from Nicole Amanda Photography below.

From the bride…We met in high school in grade nine and became friends! Our first date was the summer going into grade 12. Brian picked me up at my parents house and we played mini putt and then he took me out for ice cream at Dairy Queen. We both love soccer, so we decided to go to Canadian Tire and buy a soccer ball and go play at the school field. The field was empty so we played one on one games and had the best time!! We were both nervous at the beginning of the date, but by the end we were super comfortable with one another and joking around. I knew that I wanted to continue dating Brian after the amazing time we both had. The proposal was unexpected and perfect! We were at the baseball field practicing softball (we play together on 2 teams in the summer) with my parents, my sister and brother in law, and my niece. I was sitting on the bench with my niece because it was a boiling hot day and I didn’t want to play softball (I am not a fan of the heat haha). My mom and sister kept on coming up and encouraging me to go practice batting. I kept on turning them down saying it was too hot outside. Finally, I agreed to go hit a couple of balls. At first my brother in law, Derek, was pitching. He asked Brian if he wanted to pitch instead which Brian agreed to do. Brian is usually a great pitcher! His throws to me were awful, they were all over the place and I barely made any hits. I was wondering what was going on! A few minutes later, my mom and sister came from the bench with my niece Lexie holding a sign. They gave me the sign and I opened it. It said “Auntie Meg, will you marry Uncle Brian?”. I turned around and there Brian was on high knee asking me to marry him. His speech was short and sweet, I could tell he was super nervous but happy at the same time! I was so surprised and overwhelmed with joy!! I said yes and we all celebrated!


Location: Private Residence / Photographer: Nicole Amanda Photography

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