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Dog lovers…get ready to fall in love with this at home engagement session captured through the lens of Alexis Belli Photography. It’s seriously too cute for words and this duo–along with their puppy, Chase–are sure to melt your heart. After all, we need some images to bring some happiness into our lives these days and this gallery is sure to do just that. See it all below!

From Alexis Belli Photography…Amanda and Rob, were an absolute delight! And their adorable golden retriever puppy, chase. Amanda and Rob really let their love shine through during their engagement session. From baking up some sweet treats, followed with a nice cup of coffee, these two were all joy! Of course we had to run little puppy chase a little bit to get all that energy out! A fun little story that these two let me in on, was Amanda’s ring. Rob hand picked, and hand designed her entire engagement ring himself! And the effort really shows in her gorgeous ring! With planning a wedding, training a puppy, and being madly in love, these two were so grounded, and down to earth. I cannot wait for their wedding next year, which will be held at the beautiful two sisters ranch. A country estate, built by hand, carefully decorated and curated, to make you feel right at home the second you step inside.


We bring out the best in each other! But if I had to pinpoint one thing, our common love of traveling yet desire to be home and enjoy the little things with family. After an incredibly jam-packed year and a half of traveling to Thailand, the British Virgin Islands, then taking smaller trips like Newport, Rhode Island and Anna Maria, Florida beach house days  we are now staying put for a while (until our Honeymoon!) That’s because we’re building our brand new home right now! It will be ready before we get married this March.


Over our second date’s dinner, Rob felt like a completely different person. He was smart, fun, and infinitely more talkative. I was so happy around him! It’s what Rob eventually shared with me in his proposal. He said, “I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life!”  It wasn’t long after that second date that I had realized I had found my best friend, and with every day I didn’t want to imagine a day without him in it. Soon it was already Spring, and we found ourselves traveling together about every other month. We traveled so well together–that alone was my signifier that if we could get along after a 24-hour flight, we could handle just about anything. … and so far so good!


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Photographer: Alexis Belli Photography

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