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Contemporary Weddings Magazine is so saddened by the situation that has arisen regarding the global pandemic of COVID-19. Our compassion goes out to all those couples who have been forced to postpone their upcoming nuptials. Your wedding and the events leading up to the most special day of your life is supposed to be filled with love and joy, and to have it all temporarily taken away and replaced with stress and fear, truly breaks our hearts. We’re just as disappointed about these circumstances. you are not alone. Together as a community we will make it through and your wedding day WILL be the BEST DAY of your life. Just have faith and hope.

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Venues and vendors want to do the right thing to ensure couples can celebrate happily and safely. No one could anticipate the effects of the extraordinary government mandated shutdowns and some flexibility in scheduling will be required as we all move past this crisis together. While this situation is unprecedented, the role of venues in making lifelong memories for you and your guests has not changed, so today we’re sharing five simple tips for rescheduling your wedding amidst the Coronavirus.


1. Remain calm. This might be easier said than done, however it’s important to take a few deep breaths before tackling anything. This situation is stressful for everyone, including your vendors. Before you do anything take some time to digest everything. Write down your thoughts and questions for your hired professionals.

2. Contact your wedding planner with all of your concerns. Don’t have a planner? Now is a great time to get in touch with one. Some local wedding planners are currently offering virtual consultations to help you discuss backup plans and what to expect next.

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3. Remain as flexible as possible in choosing a new date. Don’t be afraid to choose a weekday! You have spent months planning your special day and chose vendors that you truly connect with including your venue, photographer, videographer, entertainment, and floral designer, to name a few. Selecting a weekday wedding will help ensure vendor availability to keep your entire plan the way you originally imagined.

4. Once a new date is selected, update your wedding website with all of your new information so guests don’t get confused when they start to receive notice about your change of date.

5. Most importantly, lean on your vendors for guidance in their specific niche. They have your best interest at heart and are here to guide you through.

Still have questions? Get in touch via email! We’re more than happy to help any way we can during these unforeseen times.

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