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Whisk us away to the beach and we’ll be happy campers. After all, there’s just something so serene about being down the shore taking in the salt air, refreshing breezes and the sound of crashing waves. So when Michael Chadwick Photography sent this engagement session our way, we were completely smitten with each and every photo. Sarah and Kevin were clearly so natural in front of the camera and the love these two share is evident through each and every photo. Not to mention, they also revealed the cutest reasons why they love each other below.

From Michael Chadwick Photography…Sarah and Kevin are getting married in September 2017. We had a spectacular shoot in Ocean City, NJ on a somewhat chilly spring afternoon. Sarah is a dental hygienist and loves Kevin “for more reasons than I can type” but truly respects his drive and passion in everything he does. She loves how he is there for her no matter what the circumstance may be, showing her unconditional love. Kevin is a CPA and loves Sarah because “she is an amazing person and beautiful. We have identical priorities and goals in life and for our future family.” He is looking forward to spending the rest of his life with Sarah because they are an excellent team and make each other better people. We explored the beach and the boardwalk in Ocean City, and they even (bravely, I might add) ventured into the cold water at the end of the shoot for a great photo. I look forward to sharing their wedding day with them and meeting their friends and family.


Location: Ocean City, New Jersey / Photographer: Michael Chadwick Photography

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