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We hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start. To kick off 2017, let us introduce you to one of Contemporary Weddings Magazine new friendor, Nicole Klym Photography. Since shooting her first wedding a little over four years ago, Nicole has been capturing the prettiest engagements and soirees that are the perfect representation of classic composition through natural light and artistic details.  While you swoon over her lovely imagery below, enjoy getting to know Nicole and her New Jersey wedding photography business a little bit better by reading her Q&A. Don’t forget to also head on over to her website and see more of Nicole Klym Photography’s work here, here and here.

From Nicole…Born and raised in New Jersey, it took 19 years of education and a little city living to learn that what I was most passionate about was something I’d explore on my own outside of any classroom. In 2012, I returned to my roots along the Jersey Shore after graduating from law school and Nicole Klym Photography was born, sort of by accident! After putting in a lot of hard work as a new business owner, I left my law career behind in 2015. I currently reside in Ocean County with my new husband and our two adorable pups Jax and Meeko. I’m a world traveler, crazy dog lover, grammar nazi, and professional multitasked. I can’t survive life without a calendar, or maybe three. I use the world “awesome” a lot, even though it belongs in the 80’s. I have a fantastic sense of humor and I’m probably the fastest texter you’ll ever meet. I’m a bad cook, but I’m lucky to have a husband who doesn’t mind. I want to learn your quirks, celebrate with you, document your milestone or share your love story. If you think that would be pretty awesome, reach out to me!

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In 1-2 sentences, tell us a little about Nicole Klym Photography.
Nicole Klym Photography is a professional photography business that believes in an honest, resourceful and personal client experience.

How did you get started in wedding photography?
I got started kind of by accident. While I was in law school, I picked up where I left off in high school with my passion for photography when I got a new DSLR camera. The summer I graduated, a friend of mine asked if I would be up for photographing their wedding so I took on the job and fell in love with wedding photography!

How long have you been shooting weddings?
July 1, 2012 was my very first wedding, but in 2013 I officially started up my business and began taking on weddings more consistently.


Are there any other photographers or professionals that inspire you?
I am very inspired by a lot of photographers, both local and nationally with two of my favorites being Susan Stripling and Trevor Dayley, because they are both very talented and put a lot of time into educating and helping other photographers.

Using three words, describe your wedding photography aesthetic:
Natural, Detailed, and Classic

What’s in your camera bag?
A couple of Nikon D750 camera bodies, a few flashes, batteries, and a mix of lenses, with my most essential being my 105mm macro, 85mm, 50mm and 70-200mm. On wedding days, I also bring along an emergency kit that includes all types of often forgotten things that could become useful in a pinch while getting ready.


What do you love most about weddings?
I love the rollercoaster of emotions and unpredictability of how the day will go.

What is your most memorable moment from past weddings?
Oh this one is tough, as there have been some pretty great moments over the last few years! One of the most fun was when a couple’s groomsmen and family members surprised them with a couple of planned musical performances throughout their reception.

What is your favorite wedding detail to photograph?
It’s probably not a typical answer, but one of my favorite moments to photograph on a wedding day is when the couple is introduced for the very first time as they enter into their reception. I always tear up behind my camera out of excitement and love for my clients. And it carries right into their formal dances, which can sometimes stir up some good emotions to capture!


Tell us three things you can’t live without.
Coffee, my two dogs, and an iPhone.

What is the best advice you can give engaged couples who are planning their wedding?
Everything takes twice as long on your wedding day, so be sure to allow for some padding in your wedding day timeline. You don’t want to feel rushed or any negative stress on what should be a very fun and exciting day!

Is there something you wish couples knew about wedding photography?
That so much more goes into it than just snapping some photos and uploading it to the computer. A lot of time goes into the planning beforehand and the post-processing afterwards, and it’s a very personal experience since you spend more time with your photographer(s) than almost anyone else on your wedding day. It’s one of few things they’ll have from their wedding after everything is said and done, so it should be looked at as an investment.

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